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High-Quality Tube and Pipe Production
by Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding

The HQ-Tubes project has been created in order to develop an equipment-independent approach that will allow for improving the manufacturing quality and productivity of both plain and stainless steel pipes and tubes thus resulting in a reduction of the scrap rate. For quality improvement the integration of process monitoring and adaptive control in a pre-production environment is also part of HQ-Tubes.

HQ-Tubes is supported by the European Commission and puts together 5 SMEs located in 4 different countries, 3 RTD performers in 3 different countries and 2 large enterprises as additional end-users (from 2 different countries) and bundles the competence and knowledge on laser technology across Europe.

Coordinator of the project is Fraunhofer ILT.



    Coming up:    

September 2010


Final Meeting

Final Meeting will be on the 16th September 2010 at Fraunhofer ILT in Aachen, Germany.

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February 2010


18 Month Meeting

18 Month Meeting on the 25th February 2010 at TWI in Cambridge, UK.

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September 2009


Mid-Term Meeting

Mid-term Meeting on the 17th and 18th September 2009 at Precitec in Rodgau, Germany.

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February 2009


6 Month Meeting

6 Month Meeting on the 19th February 2009 at BAYATI in Budapest, Hungary.

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August 2008


Kick-off Meeting

Kick-off meeting on the 14th August 2008 at Fraunhofer ILT in Aachen, Germany.

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